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We have a standard Xin Template for each Sales and Purchase module. The template is a pre-defined format to print the Sales and Purchase document such as Invoice, Purchase Order, Quotation etc. You can then export it to PDF, Excel or email directly to the customer from the system. However, if the standard template is not meeting your business requirements, you can always custom made your own template.

Access to Xin 365 Standard Template

1. To access to the list of standard Xin Template, on the left menu, choose Setting > Template.

2. This is a standard list of template for each modules.

Xin 365 Standard Template

3. To preview the template, choose the green color Preview button.

4. The standard Xin Templates are not editable. You can only change the properties of these standard templates. To do so, choose the blue color Edit button.

Edit Xin 365 Standard Template

5. Only these 2 properties are editable for standard template:

  • This is default selected Template - if this option is selected, this template will be the default selected template when printing a business document.
  • This is active Template - if this option is selected, this template will be available in the list of templates when printing a business document. Unselect this option for any unused template.

Custom Made a Template

1. The easiest way to start custom made your own template is to duplicate a copy from Xin Standard Template and modify it. To do so, choose the purple color Clone button.

Copy Quotation Template

2. Give a name to the template and choose Save Changes.

3. The newly created template is now listed on the Template Listing. There are 2 extra buttons (Delete and Design) for custom made template compared to standard template.

Custom Made Template

4. Choose the Design button to access to the designer page.

Template Designer

5. You can also create a template by choosing the New button on the top right of the template listing page. But this method is not recommended because by choosing New button, you will get an empty template and have to create the template from scratch. It is much easier to duplicate and edit from and existing template.

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