Xin 365 Package FAQ

Yes. We provide data migration include all templates from Xin Invoice and Xin Inventory to Xin 365 without chargee if you sign up Xin 365 for 1 year package (any package).
Yes, we will create the template similar to Xin Invoice or Xin Inventory in Xin 365 during the data migration.
No you do not need do make additional payment. You can do it yourself using our template designer, or we can help to do it for you. This service is inclusive in the package and there is no additional charges on the service. As long as you still subscribing to our package, you are entitled to get the support for template/report creation.

To make payment, click on "Subscribe Now" on the dashboard once login to the program. After that choose the payment and procced to our make payment via our payment gateway Stripe.

Make payment to Xin 365

No you can't. We will do the data migration for you and it takes about 1 week time to complete.

Yes, Xin 365 has all functionalities as Xin Inventory 2.0 except for recurring invoice. There is no recurring invoice setting in Xin 365.

Xin 365 has more functions compared to Xin Inventory 2.0. There are also Marketing modules which allows you to setup company website and campaign.

Yes, but you need to upgrade your package to Xin Ultimate to be able to create multiple company profiles.

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