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There are two keyways to generate new leads for your business, which are through website contact/reservation forms and campaign. Xin 365 automatically creates leads into your Lead database when someone send a message to you via your website or fills out a form from your campaign. You can also manually create lead record into the database.

Lead Generated From Website

a. Contact Form

Create your company website using our Website Builder. Be sure to turn on the Contact section. If you would like to get an email notification whenever there is someone send a message to you via the confirm form, enter your email in Email Notification under General Setting.

b. Reservation Form

The Reservation Form is only available on Website Theme 4 (Restaurant Website Template). The lead will make a reservation via the Reservation Form on the website.

Lead Generated From Campaign

Create a Campaign on social media. A landing page will be shown when the visitor click on your campaign. When he/she enter the contact information on the campaign form, the lead information will be created in your Lead database.

Lead Created Manually

1. On the left menu, choose Marketing > Lead. Choose New button on the top right.

2. Enter all necessary information and choose Save & Stay floating button.


Column Description
Ref Code Internal reference code for your own reference.
First Name The Lead's first name. This is a compulsory column.
Last Name The Lead's last name.
Designation Title to show level of excellence in the line of work.
Company Name The name of the company where the Lead works in.
Website Website address of the company where the Lead works in.
Lead Status The currenct status of the Lead. You can define the list of Lead Status from Setting > Lookup > Lead Status.
Source Stated where the Lead record came from.
Website Inquiry - the record was created when the lead submit an inquiry form from your websute.
Website Reservation - the record was created when the lead make a reservation from your website.
Manual Enter - the lead record was created manually from the system.
Remarks Some internal remarks regarding to this Lead.


Contact information of this Lead.


Attach any documents that is related to this Lead.

Activity Log

List of activities perform on this Lead with timestamp.

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