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In Xin 365, you can create one or more than one company profile in the system. Switch between multiple companies easily to manage all your company's business transaction in one location.

Only Xin Ultimate package can support multiple company profiles. Click here to refer to our package features here.

Create Company Profile

1. On the left menu, choose Setting > Company. Click on New button on the top right of the page.

2. Enter all company information, choose Save & Back button on the bottom right of the page.

Edit a Company Profile

On the Company listing page. Click on the Edit button on the company profile you want to edit.

Edit a Company Profile

Delete a Company Profile

1. If you have more than one company profile, you can edit the unwanted company profile. If the package that you sign up can only create one company profile, then you can not delete it. You can only edit the company's information.

2. To delete a company profile, on the company listing page, choose the Delete button of the company profile.

Delete a Company Profile

3. On the popup confirmation message box, choose Confirm.

General Information

Column Description
Company Name Your company's official registered name.
Reg No. Registration number of your company/business unit. It can be printed on all business document.
Tax No. Company tax number if applicable. It can be printed on all business document.
Primary Contact Name Name of the main contact person of the company.
Primary Contact Email Email of the main contact person of the company. Xin 365 team will contact you using this email if needed.
Website Office website address of your company. It can be printed on all business document.

Bank Information

All bank information can be printed on your business document.

Column Description
Bank Name Name of the bank/financial institution which your company have a financial account with.
Bank Address Full postal address of the bank.
BSB Code "Bank State Branch" number, is a six-digit code used to identify the specific branch of a bank or financial institution.
Swift Code "Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications" code is an 8-11 character long, standard format code that identifies banks and financial institutions worldwide.
Account Name The name of the account holder.
Account Address Postal address of the account holder.
Account Number A unique string of numbers and, sometimes, letters or other characters that identifies the owner of the account.


Keep the contact person information of the company. It can be more than one contact person record.

Column Description
Name Contact person's personal name.
Designation A title or a description to identify the contact person.
Email (1) Primary email address.
Email (2) Optional email address of the contact person if any.
Phone (1) Primary phone number.
Phone (2) Optional phone number.
Fax Contact person's fax number.
Address Unit number and street name.
Postcode Postcode number.
City City name.
State State name.
Country Select the country from the list. The list is fixed and cannot be edited.
This is active Contact If this option is not selected, the contact person will not be appear when creating any business document.
Default Value Pre-define the default value.
This is default selected Contact - if this option is selected, when printed the business document, this contact person's information such as email, phone and address will be used.


1. Click Select Image File. Select the company logo image file.

2. Choose the Save Change button to upload the image file.


Attach any documents that is related to the company.

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