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A purchase requisition is an internal document indicating the desire to purchase goods or services for the business. An employee fills out a purchase requisition and submits it to the appropriate individuals or departments for review and approval. Reviewers may include both the employee's line manager and the company's central procurement or purchasing department. Once the purchase requisition is approved, the business then issues a purchase order for the requested items to the appropriate vendor.

Create a Purchase Requisition

1. On the left menu, choose Purchase > Purchase Requisition. Choose New > Create New button on the top right.

2. Enter all necessary information and choose Save & Stay floating button.

Column Description
Ref Code Internal reference code for your own reference.
Version Any numeric value. You can leave it blank and by default it will have value 1
Date The Purchase Requisition document date.
Due Date The date by which the Purchase Requisition is valid. You can select Payment Terms to trigger the auto calculated Due Date.
Vendor The party whom the items will be ordered from.
Order No Any reference number from the person who make the request (if any).
Sales Person The Sales Person who responsible for the Purchase Requisition or the deal.
Bill To The contact person who made the purchase request. All bills related will be sent to this contact.
Payment Terms To specify when you will make the payment if the deal is succeed. Select the Payment Terms option value will trigger the recalculation of Due Date.
Payment Type To specify how the you will make the payment.
Currency The currency used in this Purchase Requisition. Only 1 currency allowed in a single Purchase Requisition.
Ship To The person whom the goods will be delivered to.
Shipping Date The date when the goods are expected to be delivered.
Shipping Terms The transport and the carrier.
Notes Some notes for the person who receive the Purchase Requisition. You can also set a Default Notes for all purchase requisitions.
Remarks Some internal remarks regarding to this Purchase Requisition.
Keyword Enter some meaningful keywords that is related to this document which will allow you to search the Purchase Requisition easily.
Items The detail information of the items or services. If the item is defined in your Inventory Database, choose the magnifier button beside the Code to retrieve the item information from database. Otherwise you may specify any item code in the Code column.

Code - reference code of the item or service.
Name - a short name of the item or service.
Desc - detail description regarding the item or service.
Quantity - a numeric value for quantity, with a magnitude of a quantity.
UCost - the cost of single quantity.
Discount - you can enter the discount percentage (%) or the discount amount.
Tax - tax code applied to this item. You can define up to 2 tax code for each item.
Final - the final amount of this item after discount and taxation.
Sub Total The total amount calculated from all items cost.
Additional Tax You have the option to apply the tax code on the total amount, instead of apply the tax code to each of the items.
Additional Discount Another discount applied to the sub total amount.
Shipping Shipping cost applied.
Total The final grand total amount of the Purchase Requisition.
Total in Word The total amount described in text format.

3. Click button + Add Row to add more items or services.

4. Click on the red color dusbin button to remove item.

5. Drag the item using mouse cursor to reset the sequence of the items.

Setting the sequnce of Purchase Requisition items

6. You can save the Purchase Requisition as Draft or Generated Document. If the Purchase Requisition is saved as draft, there is not reference code given. However, if it is saved as Generated Document, a unique reference code will be generated and give to this document.


Attach any documents that is related to this Purchase Requisition.


Set the approval process for this Purchase Requisition.

Document Security

System Admin and the owner of the Purchase Requisition can lock a document once it is completed to avoid the document been edited or deleted accidentally. It can be locked or unlocked anytime.

Lock a Purchase Requisition

Activity Log

List of activities perform on this Purchase Requisition with timestamp.


Preview the Purchase Requisition using the pre-defined template.

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