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Quotation Template

Our template is fully customizable, and you can create more than 1 template to fulfil different needs.

Create a Quotation Template

1. On the left menu, choose Setting > Template. Click on Clone button from standard Xin Quotation Template.

Create a quotation template

2. Enter a name for your template and choose Save Changes button.

Clone a quotation template

Design a Template

1. Click on Design button from the template.

Design a quotation template

2. Refer Template/Report Designer for more information about the functionalities in the designer.

Use a Template

1. To set your template as a default selected template to be used most of the time, click Edit button from the template. Choose the option This is default selected template and save the changes.

2. To remove any unwanted template, click the red Delete button from the template.

3. To deactivate any template, click Edit button from the template. Unselect the option This is active Template and save the changes.

4. To preview the template, click the green Preview button from the template.

5. To print your quotation using the template, on the left menu, choose Sales > Quotation. Click the yellow Send button from the quotation.

6. Select the template from Template dropdown list, then choose Preview tab.

Preview & send a quotation
You can only delete your custom created template, but you can't delete any standard Xin template. You can only deactivate Xin template.

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