Xin 365 Overview

Getting Started

1. Marketing Automation

Xin 365 marketing automation includes Website Builder, Campaign and Lead Management, to enhance publication of your brand, company or product and generate more leads. Our Website Builder allows you to build beautiful website using our standard templates easily without having to go through the painful and costly setup process. Campaign allows you to introduce a new product to the market via social media and grab the lead information instantly into your database.

2. Invoicing & Billing

Our Billing system starts from issuing a Quotation to the customer follow by Sales Order. You can issue an Invoice once a Sales Order is confirmed, or after the goods is delivered. A Delivery Note can be generated easily by converting from an Invoice. Once the payment is done, use our Receipt to generate and send the receipt to your customer. For any cases where the customer return or need a refund of the sale, issue a Credit Note after the refund. All our templates are fully customizable.

Invoicing & Billing

3. Procurement

Our Procurement system starts from issuing a Purchase Requisition and get internal approval for the item purchased. Once the Purchase Requisition is approved, you can issue a Request Quotation to the vendor to get their quotation. Then you can generate a Purchase Order by converting easily from Purchase Requisition to confirm the purchase. When the shipment is done, the goods quantity will be automatically insert into the Inventory database.

Receive Shipment

4. Contact Database

The centralized contact database allows different team in your company to have teamwork hand in hand. With the help of Xin 365, the employees can exchange information with the about the Customer and Vendor information. It also helps to provide a better customer experience.

Customer Information

5. Inventory Database

It helps them in understanding the demand and supply chain with more vigour. When you have our inventory tracking system, you will be able to witness the demand for your products in order of the requirement in the market. You can increase or decrease the spending on the product accordingly.

Inventory Database

6. Other modules

We have other functionalities such as To Do, Calendar, Sticky Notes and Reports to ease your daily job. All these functionalities are inclusive in the subscription package and no additional charges needed to use it.

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